What I Should and Should Not Bring to Treatment

What I Should and Should Not Bring to Treatment

When attending addiction treatment you may find yourself confused about what to bring and what is not allowed. We have made a list to make this transition easier for you.

Things to Bring:

• Clothes for a minimum of 3 days including pyjamas. We have laundry facilities on site.
• Activewear for recreational activities.
• A toothbrush.
• Provincial health card
• Money (small amount for personal expenses)
• Current Medication
• Medical Supplies
• Weather appropriate clothing (rain coat, outdoor shoes, hat etc.)
• Musical instruments for leisure time

Things NOT to bring:

• Clothing that promotes alcohol or drug use, sexism, racism, or homophobia.
• Drug paraphernalia
• Heating pads or electric blankets
• Weapons (including pocket knives)
• Valuable jewelry, expensive clothing, large sums of money
• Pornography
• Mouthwash or other toiletries containing alcohol
• Over the counter medications or herbal remedies

If you want to bring anything that is not on the list, you can contact us before hand to make sure it is allowed. Safety of our patients and staff are our number one priority.