Residential Rehab Clinic

Residential Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

New Horizon Addiction Rehabilitation Centers integrate evidence based pharmacological treatments for opioid use disorders with residential treatment, counseling, group work, and 12 Step recovery principles.

New Horizon Residential Treatment Program for Opioid Use Disorder involves the following;

  • A recommended 45 day stay in a residential intensive treatment program.  Extensions can be discussed with your counselor.
  • Upon admission, residents undergo a complete nursing assessment, including medical and urine testing, as well as closely monitored withdrawal management with the use of evidence based clinical scales and interventions.
  • A complete physical and mental health assessment by the clinic physician is completed within 24 hours of admission.
  • After the initial assessment, the treatment team meets with the resident and significant others (with resident consent), to make informed decisions as to the treatment pathway options available.

The three Opioid Treatment Pathway options available at New Horizon include:

The No Medication Pathway

After acute detoxification, the resident remains in residential treatment for 45 days; attends groups, counseling, opioid specific support groups, and 12 Step Programs.

Medically Assisted Treatment using Suboxone

After acute detoxification management, this pathway involves stabilization on Suboxone during the 45-day residential stay.  Residents participate in all recommended treatment groups, counseling, and programs as outlined in their specific recovery program.

Medically Assisted Treatment using Methadone

After acute detoxification management, the resident is stabilized on Methadone during their 45-day residential stay.  They attend and participate in all groups, counseling, programs and 12 Step Meetings which were agreed upon in the treatment plan.

After stabilization on a specific treatment pathway, residents are monitored on an ongoing basis by our inhouse physician and nursing staff.  Residents attend groups both within the residential facility and in the larger community.  They are provided support through all aspects of recovery and many opportunities to relax and refocus their energy and thoughts on healing and regeneration.

Discharge planning begins on admission and continues throughout the residential component into the intensive outpatient component.