Costs Of Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment

Cost Of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

New Horizon Addiction Treatment Centers are privately owned and operated addiction treatment facilities.  New Horizon staff can discuss different funding options that may suit individual needs.

New Horizon recommends a full 45 day residential stay as outlined in our program section.  For those unable to commit to the full stay, shorter term stays can be discussed with treatment staff.  Such requests will be addressed on an individual case by case basis .

Per diem pricing for New Horizons Residential Addiction Treatment is as follows,

– For the first 15 days of treatment, the cost is $600 per day

– For the second 15 days of treatment, the cost is $500 per day

– For each day thereafter, the cost is $400 per day

The cost of treatment may be covered by many health insurance providers.  Additionally, payment plans and/or financing options can be discussed with staff.

Refund Policy

Once a resident is assessed and it is determined that he or she meets admission criteria, deposit of $5,000 is required to secure the bed and supporting resources.

This deposit is non-refundable in the event of voluntary departure or mandatory discharge prior to the end of the program, with the only possible exception being a medical discharge as outlined below.

Prior to the admission date payment must be made for the remainder of the cost of the program. These fees are non-refundable in the event of voluntary or mandatory discharge prior to the end of the program. With the possible exception being in the case of medical discharge if initiated by New Horizon’s staff.

In cases of medical discharge initiated by New Horizon’s staff, a 50% refund of the per diem rate paid will be refunded for each day remaining in the resident’s program.