Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

Mission Statement – Residential Drug & Alcoholism Treatment Program

New Horizon Addiction Treatment Program is focused on supporting individuals, their families and loved ones through each stage of the recovery process. Beginning with the preadmission phase and moving through admission, treatment, and aftercare programs, staff work with clients in each stage of the recovery process.

We work together in developing individualized treatment plans focused on recovery, individual and family wellness, and learning to live a drug and alcohol free life. New Horizons recognizes the immense impact of addiction on one’s psychological, spiritual, and emotional development and the impact on both families and the community as a whole.

Our Mission

Healthier communities, families, and individuals, through the delivery of evidence based addiction treatment interventions in a secure residential setting to all individuals in a spirit of inclusivity and caring. To support individuals, families, and communities in addressing the immense personal impact of addiction and to in doing so initiating a journey to wellness, wholeness and happiness.

Our Vision

To lead the journey towards healthier communities through the treatment of addiction using evidence based treatments, education, counseling and aftercare programs. To provide a trauma informed, gender specific, treatment programs in a residential setting to all individuals and all communities in need.

Our Values

Open access to treatment for individuals and a recognition that each person suffering with addiction can, with the proper support and treatment, achieve health and sobriety through the appropriate care and intervention. Each individual is valuable and has the right to return to wholeness of mind, body, and spirit; free from addiction.