Methadone Taper Program

Community Methadone Taper Program

For individuals who have been on methadone maintenance treatment but now wish to come off in a medically controlled and professionally monitored environment, New Horizon Addiction Rehabilitation Centers for Men and Women offer a methadone taper program utilizing a combined residential and community approach.  This approach utilizes the following procedure:

  • Individuals being prescribed methadone in either in a physicians’ office or in an opioid recovery clinic initiate contact with their own prescriber or clinic, informing them of their desire to enter the New Horizon Addiction Rehabilitation Center’s Methadone Taper Program.
  • If admission criteria are met, a preliminary treatment plan is developed with staff, resident, and family input (with patient consent).
  • A recommended minimum 45 day stay in a residential intensive treatment program after which transfer to New Horizon Intensive Outpatient Care is recommended.